Why Speed-Net?

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In Switzerland there are thousands of companies that offer web hosting services in our sector.
You are probably asking yourself, ‘why should Speed-Net be my partner and why should I book my services with them?

There are 10 good reasons... at least!

Without you, as a customer, we we might as well pack up and leave.

We cannot survive without customers.
Since our founding in 2005, the customer comes first.
Engagement. For us, customer satisfaction is the hub of success.

No Overloaded Servers

With Speed-Net, systems are not overloaded with customers.
The maximum number of clients per server depends on the actual amount of the installed and used applications.

Quality Hosting – because discounted hosting can get expensive quickly!

We are not the cheapest provider, because cheap services can quickly become expensive. This is because websites, online stores, or e-mail addresses breakdown due to inferior hardware and infrastructure that simply is not available.
The market is full of discount and mass hosts that undercut each other with low prices.
Multiple problems and blackouts in a day in lower price segments are definitely not a seldom occurrence.
We will not engage in price dumping. Instead, we will provide the same helpful, professional, and quality hosting that we have been for many years now.
For users with high demands pertaining to server performance and availability of their website, Speed-Net is definitely the #1 choice.

Transparent Cost & Fair Prices

With Speed-Net, there are no hidden costs.
We provide a detailed list of all prices and services, as well as detailed descriptions of our services.


At Speed-Net, the security of your data is our highest priority.
To prevent outages and data loss, all of your data is mirrored.
This way, your web page, for example, is still accessible after a hard drive failure while the faulty drive is replaced.
A daily backup of your user and database data to an external backup server protects you against the loss of data in a complete failure.
While we restore your data, Speed-Net backups can be accessed for up to 7 days in the past.
With Speed-Net all sensitive customer data will be SSL encrypted over the Internet.
This renders the intercept and retrieval of personal data by third parties no longer possible.
In particular, for the transmission of confidential messages by email, you can activate encrypted sending and receiving of e-mails via your e-mail program (e.g. Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook).


There are strict criteria pertaining to the choice of our partners and suppliers.
This is the only way to achieve long-lasting, high quality standards with low fault rates.

We want to help you.

If you change your domain to Speed-Net, then we can assist you in putting your website into operation.

No risk: a preliminary test for free!

Give us a try without any risk!
Please try out a full, free test account, in order to verify the complete functionality of our web space products.
Unlike many competitors, we do not restrict our test accounts in an artificial manner or run our test accounts on empty servers on which the customer cannot realistically understand the actual server operation and performance of the live operation itself.
Request your free trial account today and you will know that Speed-Net’s web hosting products are different than the products from other providers.

Account Activation in Real Time

Your account will automatically be activated with us in real time.
This way, you will not need to wait for your account.
Within a few minutes you will receive your login information.

Live Chat- the direct line to us

No phone available and no time to wait for a ticket response?
Use our live chat. Whether support, billing, or sales inquiries, our employees are there to chat with you live.