Speed-Net is a company that is specialized in the field of web hosting.

About Speed-Net

We have made it our mission to provide a service that our customers can rely on. We stand by our customers after they sign up with with us and offer advice and support to enable customers to enjoy their website without any problems. Thanks to our swift support, we can always offer a satisfactory outcome to our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers the most high quality, reliable web hosting available, in which all services can be managed at any time from any location easily and in real time. You want to run your business? Invest your time in your business and not in the technical know-how and the operation of web servers. The success of your business depends on the reliability and availability of your website. Therefore it is our top priority to guarantee you a high quality and reliable web hosting. Our corporate goal is not the rapid growth and the associated large increase in sales, but the establishment of long-standing customer relationships. Therefore, we deliberately avoid expensive marketing campaigns. Above all, we use our resources in order to build upon and continuously expand our technical infrastructure and the performance of the services we supply.

4500+ Satisfied costumers

9000+ Domains

900+ Server

We’re a partner that will never leave you hanging!

Speed-Net guarantees the steady development of our systems as well as the continuous training of our employees, so that you can expect the best service in the future.

Corporate Philosophy

All of our business processes are based on a mutual basis of trust.
We offer the best quality at a fair price.
We do not sell or recommend anything that our customers do not require.
Customer contact is important to us.
We are happy to offer advice and assistance.
The feedback from our customers is important to us.
In this way, we can improve our services continuously.
We especially embrace young entrepreneurs during the start-up process (even with potential special offers).
Each and every paying customer expects quality service and quick processing of their order. - You can count on us.